The Superstition that Cristiano Ronaldo Follows for Winning Trophies

Ronaldo’s Winning Secret: Why He Never Touches Trophies Before Winning Them

Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his meticulous preparation before games. The football superstar reportedly takes five naps a day and sleeps in a fetal position to maintain his physical condition. He even paints his toenails black to protect them from fungi and bacteria.

But one superstition that Ronaldo has followed since his early days at Sporting CP involves trophies. Despite lifting 32 trophies throughout his career, Ronaldo never touches the silverware before winning it.

According to Ronaldo, touching trophies before a victory brings bad luck. This belief is not unfounded, as many players who have touched trophies before big finals have ended up losing. Dimitri Payet, Kaka, and Gennaro Gattuso are some examples of players who broke this golden rule and ended up losing crucial matches.

Ronaldo’s belief in this superstition is so strong that he has never touched a trophy before winning it. This might seem strange to some, but it has worked well for Ronaldo throughout his career.

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