“All players except Lionel Messi are jealous of Cristiano Ronaldo” Wayne Rooney

Cristiano Ronaldo: Wayne Rooney mentions Lionel Messi after ‘jealous’ comment

England football team and Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney made headlines after he spoke to Sky Sports during a Monday Night Football chat on April 4. When Rooney criticized his former United team-mate (CR7), the 37-year-old responded to Rooney’s post on Instagram and said Rooney was jealous of him. Meanwhile, the Derby County manager Rooney crossed out Lionel Messi’s name in response to Ronaldo’s “jealous” remarks during a press conference on Thursday afternoon.

According to Football Daily, after being asked about the Portuguese football superstar’s comment. Rooney said: “I saw the comment this morning. I would say that there is probably no footballer in the world who does not envy (jealous) Cristiano. The career he’s had, the trophies he’s won, the money he’s made… his six pack! Every player bar (beside) Lionel Messi is jealous of Cristiano.”

Rooney and Ronaldo played together at Manchester United from 2004 to 2009. They had formed one of the deadliest attacking partnerships in Premier League history.

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