Lionel Messi’s Father Sparks Rumors Of Inter Milan Signing From FC Barcelona

Lionel Messi’s transfer issue has surfaced again. This time the news was triggered by his father, Jorge Messi.

Jorge reportedly just bought a house in Milan. Suddenly it immediately made many parties re-associate with the issue of moving Messi who had sticking out some time ago.

Incidentally, also, the condition of Messi in Barcelona is not known. He was very disappointed after the team couldn’t compete with Real Madrid in the race for the LaLiga title.

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Messi La Liga Upset Barcelona 1
Lionel Messi La Liga 2019/20

Messi even had a strong criticism to his colleagues and coaches. He said everyone in Barcelona should be able to do more than there is.

Back to the affairs of Messi’s father, Sky Sport Italia itself claimed that the purchase of a house by Jorge had absolutely no connection with the transfer of him.

Pure Jorge just wants to make an investment. He began to transfer existing assets to Italy because in Spain the tax was too high for foreigners like him.

However, do not yet know how to get ahead. It could also be that Messi is indeed interested in trying out new experiences in Italy. Especially where he will again meet with Cristiano Ronaldo to continue the story of their rivalry.  

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