Lionel Messi’s Possible Return to Barcelona from PSG in Doubt

As Lionel Messi pauses negotiations with Paris Saint-Germain about his contract renewal. The possibility of his return to FC Barcelona has been the topic of much speculation. The Argentine superstar has made a name for himself at Barcelona, where he won 35 titles including four Champions League titles and three Club World Cups.

However, the road back to the Catalan club may not be as smooth as some fans hope. The future of the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner remains uncertain. His decision on where to play next may not be revealed until after the round of 16 Champions League match against Bayern Munich.

Lionel Messi has paused renewal negotiations with PSG and there’s excitement among FC Barcelona fans about his potential return. However, Messi will only make a decision about his future after the Champions League round of 16 match.

Despite this, Messi’s biographer has revealed that a return to the Spanish league is not in his plans. His relationship with Barcelona’s president Joan Laporta is completely broken. The only way Messi would consider a return to Barcelona is if Laporta is not present, as evidenced by recent comments from Messi’s brother.

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