Argentine Government Issuing Lionel Messi Banknote to Honor Him

Argentina government ‘considering plans to celebrate Lionel Messi’s World Cup heroics with the ultimate tribute

The government of Argentina is considering issuing a 10,000 Argentine peso banknote featuring the image of Argentine national team captain, Lionel Messi. The president of the Banco de la Nacion Argentina, Silvina Batakis, confirmed the possibility of issuing the banknote, due to high inflation in the country. The back of the note might feature the nickname of Lionel Scaloni, “La Scaloneta”.

This wouldn’t be the first time that the Argentine government has honored a prominent figure with a banknote. In the past, the Central Bank of Argentina has issued commemorative coins for the country’s World Cup victory in 1978 and the Bicentennial celebrations, as well as the 50th anniversary of Eva Perón’s death.

While the president is still analyzing the possibility of issuing the Messi banknote, the proposal has generated much interest and highlights the national idol status of the Argentine footballer. Despite the high inflation in the country, the government recognizes the importance of honoring such a beloved figure and may choose to commemorate his achievements with a special banknote.

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