Messi’s Father In Barcelona for showdown talks

Jorge Messi arrived in Barcelona this morning to discuss the crisis surrounding his son’s future at the Nou Camp.

After Lionel Messi submitted an official transfer request to Blaugrana, trying to end their 20-year cooperation, the sports world has been in tenterhooks status.

Messi Snr, also an agent of the Argentine superstar, was photographed on a private jet in Argentina on Tuesday night for Spain. Jorge Messi landed in Barcelona to negotiate a showdown about the future of his son Lionel he said he don’t know anything.

Although Messi’s current deal actually expires in 2021, there are differences of opinion on whether Messi is capable of transferring from Catalonia for free this summer.

When he made his first public appearance since the press release, he just said: “Guys, I don’t know anything.”

As a result, although Messi seems to want to move to Manchester City, a lot of discussions between the players and the club are needed to really lay the escape route.

The airport exit marks Jorge’s first public appearance since his son’s Leo Messi extraordinary decision.

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Lionel Messi‘s father and agent in Spain for talks with the Barcelona

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