Countries with the most Ballon d’Or Wins

Top 10 countries with most Ballon d’Or winners in history

The Ballon d’Or is an annual football award presented by the French news magazine France Football since 1956. Argentina, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Portugal were tied for the most Ballon d’Or winners as of October 2022.

The French Football Association did not change its position on the inclusion of non-European players who compete in Europe and are also eligible for the renowned Ballon d’Or until 1995. The senior editor of France Football magazine came up with the concept for such an award in 1956. Only European players who were actively competing in Europe were eligible for the Ballon d’Or and were voted by renowned journalists. By making this distinction, early Ballon d’Or contenders such as Diego Maradona or Pele were ruled out.

Most men’s Ballon d’Or winners 1956-2022, by country

23px Flag of France.svg France57
23px Flag of Germany.svg Germany57
23px Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands37
23px Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal37
23px Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina17
23px Flag of Italy.svg Italy55
22px Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil45
23px Flag of England.svg England45
23px Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Soviet Union33
23px Flag of Spain.svg Spain23

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