Futbol Fans Nepal: Nepal’s First Sports Channel to cross 100k Subscribers

YouTube channel Futbol Fans Nepal is Nepal’s First sports channel to receive 100k Subscribers. This channel was created on March 27, 2016. After 4 years on May 2020 they crossed 100k subscribers milestone.

About- Futbol Fans Nepal (FFN)
Futbol Fans Nepal is an online portal on YouTube that promotes the activities of Nepal Football team and players. Moreover, it helps the fans to get their desired videos about Nepali Football. They are a team of enthusiastic football fans from Nepal. Similarly, they provide various information related to Nepali Football fraternity and their aim is to take Nepali football all around Nepal.
Futbol Fans Nepal-(FFN) the first sports channel with 100k subscribers in Nepal.

Futbol Fans Nepal-FFN Official social accounts
Link to official YouTube Channel. Click Here
Link to official Instagram Account. Click Here
Link to official Twitter Account. Click Here

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