Rohit Chand Loyal to Persija Jakarta and is waiting for Liga 1- 2021 to start

Rohit Chand Loyal to Persija Jakarta Continues;
When Rohit Chand’s fellow foreign players left Liga 1 to join another clubs outside Indonesia, the Nepalese midfielder chose to stay with the Jakarta. Rohit is a player who has made a great contribution to Persija. The 28-year-old midfielder from Himalayan county has become the soul of Persija’s midfielder with his ability to release accurate passes and develop the game.

Others players have asked management to loaned to another club until the league becomes clear but Rohit is a player who is silently waiting for Indonesian League to start and play with Persija.

“Rohit is a loyal man. He has a very strong internal connection with Persija Jakarta,” said Ratna Mustika who is an agent of Rohit Chand, to Indonesian football site “Rohit still has a contract in Persija Jakarta. I love Persija and Rohit Chand. I don’t want to break them.” she added.

Many foreign players have moved to Malysian League and also have asked to be loaned to another club. Rohit never thought of going it to another club. The member of the Nepal national team is still waiting for the league to start and play with Persija Jakarta.

“Rohit Chand will not be distracted and will not comment on requests to move or loan out. Because he is loyal. If the club situation or the game is difficult, he will understand and will not speak.” said the agent who is also known as Tika.

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