Highest Goal Scorer of Nepal Football Team

Highest Goal-Scorer for Nepal in FIFA International Matches

The Nepal national football team has had several talented players throughout its history, with several notable for their impressive goal-scoring abilities. In the world of football, goal-scorers are often the players that capture the hearts of fans and make headlines on the sports pages.

In this article, we’ll dive into the elite group of players who have made the biggest impact on Nepal, taking a look at the top scorers of all time, ranked by the number of goals they’ve scored. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the list of Nepal’s top scorers:

RankPlayersGoals Scored
1Hari Khadka13
1Nirajan Rayamajhi13
3Jumanu Rai11
3Anjan Bista11
5Anil Gurung10
5Bharat Khawas10

Nepal’s best footballers have been making waves on the international stage, with several players notable for their impressive goal-scoring abilities.

Hari Khadka and Nirajan Rayamajhi have each scored 13 goals for the Nepalese national team, making them the country’s top scorers.

Jumanu Rai and Anjan Bista have also made a significant impact, with 11 goals each.
Anil Gurung and Bharat Khawas round out the top scorers, each with 10 goals for Nepal.

These players have proven to be key assets to the team and have been instrumental in helping Nepal achieve success on the international stage. His scoring skills and performances have been crucial to the team’s success and have cemented their status as some of the best footballers in Nepal.

Who is the top scorer in Nepal football?

Nirajan Rayamajhi and Hari Khadka are the top goal scorers for Nepal with 13 goals each.

How many goals does Anjan Bista have for Nepal?

A highly skilled footballer, Anjan Bista has made a name for himself on the international stage with his impressive goal-scoring abilities for Nepal. Recently, he added another goal to his tally, scoring an important one in an international friendly against Pakistan. With a total of 11 goals scored, Bista has established himself as one of Nepal’s top scorers and continues to be a valuable player for the national team. His ability to score crucial goals, along with his vision and creativity on the pitch, make him a complete player. He is a key player for Nepal not only because of his goal-scoring ability but also because of his ability to create chances for his teammates and his leadership on the pitch.

How many goals does Bimal Gharti Magar have for Nepal?

Bimal Gharti Magar who scored his first international goal in 2013 against Pakistan now has a total of 9 goals for Nepal national team.

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