Lionel Messi’s amazing free-kick assist for Luis Suarez : Barcelona vs Celta Vigo

Barcelona free-kick: Everyone expects Messi to shoot but Lionel Messi is continuously finding new ways to amaze us.

Lionel Messi caught Celta Vigo players by complete surprise after delivering a sensational assist to Luis Suarez from a free-kick.

Lionel Messi Pulls Off Genius Assist From Free-Kick Against Celta Vigo

Video: Messi crafts beautiful assist to Luis Suarez from Barcelona free-kick vs Celta Vigo

Messi fooled the opposition players by curling in a cross to Suarez, who slammed his headed effort past Ruben Blanco.

In the 19th minute of Barcelona’s La Liga clash with Celta Vigo, Lionel Messi gave his latest example of why he’s near unstoppable with a superb assist to Luis Suarez.

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