Lionel Messi Leaving Barcelona-Half Announced

Argentina striker Lionel Messi Burofax to inform that he wanted to use a clause in his contract to allow him to unilaterally terminate the contract at the end of the season

According to a report by the Argentine channel TyC Sports, Leo Messi has communicated with FC Barcelona through burofax. Although the two parties have signed until 2021, he still wants to leave the club immediately. Also, 700 million euro termination clause according to this information.

Therefore, the battle between Barcelona and the club’s history of the most successful football player (34 titles), the highest scorer (634 goals) and the second most capped (737 matches),only behind Hernandez (767).

In a face-to-face meeting with Koeman the new manager of the team last week, Messi had already expressed doubts about his continuity. At the meeting, he expressed that he led a close friend Luis Suárez’s nowhere to sit in his new season. Also, Arturo Vidal, who is also very close to Messi, Rakitic and Umtiti.


Messi Wants To Leave Barcelona

After talking to Ronald Koeman last week, the Argentine has warned the coach that he looks more outside Barcelona next season. There is no doubt that this is a big news of a year. Barcelona captain and the best player in the history of the Catalan club in the past ten years, have wanted to leave the club where he is for the past 20 years.

The reaction in the network also occurred. Luis Suárez praised his friend’s decision in a tweet. Former Legend Carlso Puyol also fully supported him. The opposition was very critical of the president and again asked him to resign.

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