Q & A with Rojina Shrestha

Nepal Women’s football has always been unpredictable and this has various reasons behind. There has been a change in the perspective of people and even footballers about the involvement of Women’s in football. Our social stigma and many other narrow-minded thoughts have restricted many young talents to stay at home.

Today, we are here to present a short interview of Rojina Shrestha , the defender of the national U-19 & U-20 Women’s football team. We had a brief discussion about her hobbies, interests, future plans and reasons behind her passion for this game.

When did you started playing football ?

I don’t exactly remember the time. But, I think it has been around 4 to 5 years since the time I started playing football.

When did you first felt like being a footballer ?

I actually started feeling more about the game of football when Ncell cup was organized in Rautahat. I believe that was the beginning of everything. Tournaments can bring people into this sport. I was very much inspired by the play of Anu Lama didi.

How well do your parents support you ?

Although there are not much girls out there who are supported by parents, I find myself in a much better situation. I am completely supported by my parents. In fact, my mother’s motivation and support is what keeps me strong.

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Defender Rojina Shrestha with her mother

Nepal Women’s Football team has achieved a lot in age groups and senior team in recent times, how does it feel ?

Obviously, these moments make us more and more proud about our game. In my point of view, we have been playing good quality football these days.

What do you expect as a footballer from Government of Nepal and ANFA ?

We have been working really hard to prove ourselves in any platform. Our expectations are very simple, I think Nepal Women’s football team needs to get more and more opportunities like Men’s team. Much of ANFA’s attention is just on Men’s team.

When do we get to see you in the national team jersey ?

I have been working as hard as I can. Playing for the senior national team is everyone’s dream. The fame and pride of the nation is what I always enjoy. I am giving the best of what I possibly can.

What about your studies ?

I am studying in Grade 12 at Moon light academy in Rautahat. It is equally important to take education along with football.

Are you in a relationship ?

There are so many things to focus rather than relationship for now. I am single.

What would you love to be if not a footballer ?

For me, being an army would be the first profession on the list after football. I think this because I can continue my football even after being in the army. It is also a dream of my mother to see me as an army.

What are your hobbies ?

I am fond of dancing and singing.

Which is the most memorable moment in your football career ?

Talking about the most memorable moment in my football career, the win against India in the AFC Women’s U-19 Qualifiers is my favorite.

Who is your favorite football player ?

In Nepal, I am a huge fan of Biraj Maharjan dai and in international level, I am a fan of Marcelo.

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