Rohit Chand, The Longest Asian Foreign Player to Defend Persija Jakarta

Nepalese international Rohit Chand holds the record of the longest foreign player to defend Persija Jakarta also known as Kemayoran Tigers. So far, 11 foreign players from Asia have defended Persija.  28-year-old Chand is a foreign player in the Asian quota who has the longest playing time for the Kaimayoran Tigers.

The midfielder from Nepal strengthened capital’s club Persija in two periods (i.e. 2013-2015 and 2017-present). His peak form happened in the 2018 season. He successfully won the President’s Cup 2018 and also made Persija League Championship of 2018. He was given the best player award in the same league of 2018.

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Rohit Chand who made debut for Nepal in 2009 is also the most important player in Nepal National Team. His hard work and discipline in football have inspired a lot of young footballers in his home country Nepal.

Rohit Chand Longest Foreign Player to play with Persija Jakarta

The biggest contributor to Persija from Asia is Singapore. Persia Jakarta rarely replaces foreign players from Asia. 11 foreign players from Asia have defended Persija Jakarta. A total of four players from Singapore defended the club Persija Jakarta. They are: Bailateralki Khaizan (2009-2010), Mustafic Fachruddin (2009-2010), Precious Emuejeraye (2010-2012), and Agu Casmir (2010-2011).

The second biggest contributor to club Persija is country South Korea. Three South Korean players defended Kemayoran Tigers. They are: Jeong Kwan Sik ( 2011/2012 season), Park Kyeong Min (2013 season),  Hong Soon-Hak (2016-17 season).

The other country is Hong Kong, 1 Hongkonger who wore Persija’s shirt is Lam Hok Hei who played in the 2013 season.

Another name signed by Persija is Jakhongir Abdumuminov in the 2019 season. He was a player from Uzbekistan and only played one game for Persija. He was brought in to replace the Himalayan tiger Rohit Chand. Later, Rohit Chand who is also with high loyalty and constancy and in love with Jakmania once again signed with Persija Jakarta.

The other name is Reinaldo Elias da Costa. The Brazil-born player with Australian citizenship played for Persija in the 2017 season. He scored 3 goals for Jakarta in just 5 matches.

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