Luis Suarez: Let’s Hope Real Madrid Lose : Real Madrid vs Alaves

Barcelona’s step in winning the Spanish League title this season is quite difficult. Their points are still inferior to Real Madrid. Barcelona is second with 76 points. While Real Madrid leads the Spanish League standings with 77 points.

The distance of one point can be widened again by Real Madrid considering the team nicknamed Los Blancos has not played in the Spanish League stage 35th week. If, Real Madrid need two more wins to lock the Spanish league championship in 2019-2020.

A mistake made by Real Madrid will open the opportunity for Barcelona to overtake points. Barcelona striker Luis Suarez has a bad prayer for Real Madrid. Suarez hopes Real Madrid will lose the remaining matches they have until the end of the season. While for him, Barcelona is just waiting because their performance has improved lately. “Our aim is to win the remaining three matches,” Suarez said. “Then, we are waiting for (Real Madrid) to slip,” said the Uruguayan nationality player as quoted by Marca. .

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